All about our packaging

All about our packaging

Our packaging is designed for circularity. The packaging materials and suppliers we choose are deeply scrutinized for efficacy, curbside recycling rates, and safety -- for you and the people who make it.

For example, the majority of caps on skincare and personal care products are plastic. Most types of plastic are labeled recyclable, yet only 8.5% of that plastic actually gets recycled. 

But Mella’s caps, made of aluminum and steel, are made of mostly recycled material, have a global recycling rate of up to 90%, and have practically limitless reusability. 

We use cobalt glass for Mella’s jars and bottles. Its gorgeous blue color is just one reason we chose cobalt glass over clear, but the other is that it helps protect our formulas. Cobalt glass protects the formula from oxidation caused by UV rays, so the formula and its ingredients stay fresh for the long haul.

In the beauty & personal care industry, most product boxes, AKA unit cartons, are printed with petroleum-based ink and are coated with a plastic film, the latter of which renders them unrecyclable. Most labels are composed of multiple types of plastic, making them landfill waste that later becomes microplastics. 

Our unit cartons are made of FSC-certified board, are printed with soy-based ink, and are coated in a water-based lacquer so they are fully curbside recyclable. Our labels are printed on polylactic acid (PLA) film made from sustainably-harvested corn, and are printed with the same soy-based ink as our cartons. 

As we develop new products, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to optimize sustainability while enhancing ease of use and a great experience for you!

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