How microsponges deliver melatonin to your skin in our 100% active cleanser

How microsponges deliver melatonin to your skin in our 100% active cleanser

MICROSPONGES! 🔬🧽 This novel technology is the start of our answer to the question, "how can the melatonin make it into your skin when you use Appeeling To The Cleanses as a cleanser?" We understand this question because a lot of folks have been taught that actives are wasted in cleansers because they are believed to simply rinse down the drain. In general, this idea is a misconception, but we'll circle back to that. 😉 First, let's talk about microsponges. 🧽⁠

Microsponges are tiny, super-porous spherical particles that are used as a delivery system of active ingredients, primarily for topical use. Our microsponges are made from purified upcycled pine and spruce tree pulp. 🌲 They're as sustainable as they are innovative. The mechanism for this system is that an active is added to a "vehicle" and then this combo is absorbed into the microsponge. ⁠

We mix our melatonin (active 💪) with jojoba oil (vehicle 🚗), and then load up our microsponges with this mixture. The result is that our melatonin is delivered to your skin 💌 while our 100% natural, biodegradable microsponges are washed down the drain. 🚰 ⁠

Melatonin is lipid-soluble ➡️ this makes it inherently easy for your skin, which is made of lipids, to absorb. However, our microsponge delivery system ensures this happens in time you're cleansing your face with A2TC's creamy foam. 🫧 Our directions say to gently massage for at least 1 minute before rinsing. This is a recommended practice with any cleanser, to ensure your skin is getting a thorough clean, but is especially important when using one that contains actives. ⁠

🔄 Circling back to the idea that actives aren't useful in cleansers. This is not a one-size-fits-all rule! While it's true that some actives (particularly water-soluble ones) are better suited in leave-on formulas, many work wonderfully - or even best - in rinse-off formulas. Think of dandruff shampoos or glycolic acid face washes, for example. In A2TC, our melatonin goes to work repairing your skin not only immediately but for hours to come. ⁠

We love giving you the deets of our science-backed formulations & sharing industry knowledge! 👩‍🔬🌈 What are you curious about? 💭👇

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