Mella Cosmetics – Vegan Melatonin Skincare

Unleash the Natural Power of Vegan Melatonin Skin Care Products

Our first personal care and wellness brand, Mella, uses plant-derived melatonin to help boost your body’s natural repair cycle and help you get better sleep without daytime drowsiness.

Mella products use 100% curbside recyclable or biodegradable and compostable packaging. Our formulas are dermatologist-approved and use only 100% biodegradable, non-GMO ingredients, plus as many upcycled ingredients as possible.

Why Is Melatonin in Skin Care Important?

Melatonin is a key natural element that helps control our sleep and wake cycles. Our brain naturally releases melatonin naturally as it starts to get dark outside, triggering our urge to sleep.

Melatonin has long been available as an oral supplement, but scientific evidence has highlighted how beneficial melatonin is for your skin. 

The benefits of melatonin for our skin are endless. Melatonin stimulates the body’s natural production of the essential antioxidant enzymes we need to neutralize the damaging effects of pollution and UV exposure to our skin. 

Thanks to its antioxidant superpowers, topical melatonin is an essential ingredient for any vegan skincare routine.

Melatonin: Anti-Aging Benefits Beyond Just Sleep

Melatonin works naturally with your body to repair and restore your skin, as well as provide powerful antioxidant protection to defend against and reverse the effects of blue light, pollution, and oxidants. 

Mella products also reverse signs of premature aging. It’s basically a melatonin miracle. 

Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare, to Love Your Skin and the Planet

As a proud cruelty-free skincare brand, we believe in our vegan and scientifically-backed formulations. Our skincare is designed to offer the best topical melatonin experience to your skin, for healthier and brighter complexions and dreamier sleep.

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