We're Veriant.
We create sustainable solutions to real-life problems.

We’re a company of problem-solving brands created through sustainability, innovation, and transparency. Our name, Veriant, speaks to the values that are most important to us. Variant lets you know that we’re original in who we are and what we deliver. Veri, the Latin root word for truth, nods to our integrity and data-driven philosophy.

As your needs change and as new technologies and science become available, we innovate. We’re all about creating sustainable solutions to real-life problems in the best, most efficient, and data-backed way, while taking care of the environment. We view sustainability through a 360° lens including our supply chain, product, people, and planet. We work hard to achieve sustainability through conscious circularity and a mindset of constant improvement.

Our Story

We got tired of companies pushing so-called “innovative” products that actually only deliver gimmicks, unsubstantiated claims, and waste. Many brands face internal conflict because they are limited by their own design, and therefore unable to respond to the changing needs of their consumers. Eventually, these brands lose touch with their own values and mission. They stop innovating or doing what’s right. We know that people want practical solutions that fit naturally into their lives that help them do better, be better, and have better experiences. We created Veriant for folks who want to be on the cutting edge of innovation that has an impact, and who are looking for a transparent, responsible, and sustainable company they can trust.

Mella by Veriant uses plant-derived melatonin to resynchronize your circadian rhythm and restore your skin, body, and mind for better wellbeing.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Hana Holecko, Co-Founder & CEO of Veriant

I’ve been so lucky to spend my career developing all sorts of personal care, beauty, and lifestyle products for every imaginable customer. In co-creating Veriant, I achieve many dreams, but the biggest is never having a limit to what I can innovate. Where there is a need, I’m ready to create an ethical solution that helps our customers do more with less. When I’m not problem-solving, I can be found playing with my son, puzzling through mystery case file games with my husband, and gawking at Victorian and Tudor homes on long Bay Area walks.

- Hana Holecko, Founder & CEO of Veriant

Meet Mella by Veriant

Our first personal care and wellness brand, Mella, uses plant-derived melatonin to help boost your body’s natural repair cycle and help you get better sleep without daytime drowsiness. But the benefits don’t stop there. Melatonin works naturally with your body to provide the most potent repair and restoration, as well as powerful antioxidant protection to defend against and reverse the effects of blue light, pollution, and oxidants. Mella products also reverse signs of premature aging. It’s basically a melatonin miracle. 

Mella products use 100% curbside recyclable or biodegradable and compostable packaging. Our formulas are dermatologist-approved and use only 100% biodegradable, non-GMO ingredients, plus as many upcycled ingredients as possible.

Clinically tested and dermatologist approved



Certified B-Corporation

Designed for circularity

Give back with Mella

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation works to dramatically improve the lives of those living with mental illness. They use neuroscience and psychiatry to research causes and treatments for brain and behavior disorders including ADHD, depression and anxiety, PTSD, and more. When you buy Mella products, you can add a $1 donation to the organization and we'll match your contribution!

*100% of all contributions matched up to $5k until 9/15/2024.