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Drying, but great!

I have slightly sensitive skin so it may be a me problem, but this cleanser dries my skin if I use it as directed. But cleansing once a day and a mask once a week has drastically brightened my skin and cleared away many of my little bumps! If you have sensitive skin, make absolutely sure that you use a good moisturizer afterwards. I love how light the scent is. My only qualm with this product is that the exfoliating solution doesn’t really exfoliate my skin; it more so just clumps but again, could be user error. Otherwise, I love the innovation and versatility of this product!

Silky and soothing

I have mature, sensitive, acne-prone skin. This product provides enough moisture without irritating my skin or making my skin break out. Best moisturizer I have used in a long time.

Good all purpose cleanser

I like the multi-use factor of this product: cleanser/exfoliant/mask. It seems to keep mask acne at bay. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is too drying for me to use 2x daily. Maybe when winter is over that will change.


The powder form gives you the ability to create the desired thickness of the cleanser or mask. Leaves skin clean, refreshed and exfoliated.

Silky smooth

Steady as you glow goes on silky smooth. It's light and creamy and blends in easily leaving skin soft and glowing.

The Perfect Facewash!

I've been really lucky to have mostly clear skin my whole life, but in recent months I have been breaking out like crazy especially in my chin area.
I started using Mella facewash and within a week I noticed a difference and improvement with my skin!

1. The product leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth, but not dry/tight. My overall complexion is more bright and glowy.
I feel like my skin absorbs the following products (like essence, moisturizer, etc) much better after using this facewash.
2. This product is SO versatile- I absolutely love that you can use it to exfoliate or as a mask.
I like to massage my face with it for 1-2 minutes every couple days and it doesn't feel abrasive at all and my skin feels so refreshed afterwards.
3. I was having tiny white bumps on my chin that I couldn't really leave alone, but after a week of using Mella the bumps have mostly disappeared.

Hydrated skin after night time use

After using the moisturizer at night, I wake up feeling my skin is hydrated and doesn’t even need another application in the morning. Long lasting hydration after using it for a month.

Skin is smooth and hydrated!

After a month of use, my skin feels smooth and hydrated with no dehydration. I also feel like my sun spots are getting lighter. Because it is powder, be careful to mix well with water before using!

Ready to GLOW

look no further if you are looking for a glow from within. I swear this product has given me glow that you can spot from space! It goes on a little thick, but my skin absorbed it immediately - NOT GREASY at all, and my skin GLOWs like diamonds in the sky - I KID YOU NOT. You need this in your life and this glow that it gives you! Btw, I have combo skin, and this does my skin so GOOD in both of my dry and oily areas - a future skin care product of our times!

so fresh and so clean!

I love this powder cleanser! It works hard on your skin, but does not strip you skin as it leaves it squeaky clean after each use. I also love the brand gives me 3 openings for different usage of the product - I love the versatility of this product and it is a first of the powder cleanser. Who knew that my cleanser can dubbed as a mask as well! The result is consistent, and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Steady As You Glow

Love this product! I love the consistency and how fresh my skin feels!

Great product!!!!

Appeeling To The Cleanses
Alyssa Fukumoto
Amazing product!

Love this product, so easy to use and works great on my skin. I love the different openings on the top, makes it so much easier to get a sense of how much product to use. I have a combination of oily/dry skin but after using this my skin looks and feels amazing!! Love love love!

All you need in one bottle

I cannot tell you how much I love this product; the consistency, the versatility, the cleansing power. It's so good that I practically stopped using all the other cleansers, exfoliators, and masks I have. It really does it all and most importantly, does it WELL. I always feel clean and my skin polished after using this. I have combination skin with some texture but by using only this product, I have been able to keep them at bay. This product is amazing!!

Mella Review

ATTC has a nice consistency and is almost like clay when wet, but powder when dry. It feels nice on my face, almost like a thin clay mask. I also noticed an overall softness in my skin after a few uses. I would recommend it.

Soothing and Fresh

My skin felt happy and fresh hours after applying Steady As You Glow:)

Smooth, silky and...sleep!

Perfect every-day moisturizer and helps me sleep so well!

Great for oily skin.

I loved that I could use as much of this product as I wanted without getting greasy or broken out. Kept my face moisturized all day and was a great base for my makeup :)

The smell alone….

And the color! Wow! The smell makes you ready to drift off into a peaceful sleep and I swear the blue tint helped with any redness on my skin. The moisturizer prepares your skin for any makeup application as it is dry to touch, while your skin feels moist underneath. Great at holding in moisture. I liked to add water on my face before applying to really keep my skin plump.

I love the smell and feel

Steady as you glow is refreshing. From the texture to the smell to the taste (jk I didn't taste it) this product evokes a sense of treating yourself. It's cooling to the skin and gave me some of the softest skin I've had since going through puberty. I didn't even use skincare products much before, but I'll be buying more of this stuff.

Soothing and Cooling

First of all, love the light blue color! The moisturizer is very light and absorbs into the skin super quickly which is great. My skin always felt soothed and cooled afterwards. I also appreciated how it didn’t make my skin feel oily after putting it in. The only nitpick I have with it is that after putting it on, my skin felt a little sticky but once absorbed, that feeling goes away. I preferred it more as my nighttime moisturizer than daytime for this reason (I’m usually in a rush in the morning so don’t always take time in between applying products!).

Really gives you that *GLOW*

I have very sensitive skin and I usually shy away from moisturizers (i normally stick to oils or balms). However, after trying this product, my life is changed! It has a clean, natural scent (not heavily fragranced) with a thick consistency. A little goes a long way. When used as part of my nighttime routine, my skin was literally *glowing* the next day. I loved the way it made my skin feel plump and moisturized.

Baby Soft Face

I love this powder as cleanser and exfoliator! First of all, the fact that it was a powder made it super easy to travel with (no worrying about leaks or TSA liquid requirements!) and my face always felt so soft after use. It's a really gentle cleanser that left my face feeling clean but not stripped. It's my go to gentle cleanser! I also really enjoy the difference consistencies I can get with the cleanser and the exfoliation is on point! I used to use exfoliates with microplastic beads which are terrible for the planet but with this cleanser, I get the same feeling and look of clean pores while taking care of Mother Earth :)

Happy Skin Happy Face

My pores felt smaller and healthy. I feel so fresh and so clean!