What do claims of “clean” and “sustainable” mean to Veriant?

What do claims of “clean” and “sustainable” mean to Veriant?

We don’t really use the term “clean”. That’s because it’s a word that’s lost its meaning in the beauty and wellness world after lots of misuse and fluffy definitions. We’d rather give you specific, transparent, and data-backed claims.

Mella products are sustainable, and for us, that means circularity, safety, and impact. Here are some examples of what that looks like:

  • Our high-performance formulas are made of only non-GMO, biodegradable, and effective ingredients that deliver proven benefits. If an ingredient isn’t proven safe for our customers and the planet, we don’t use it. Most of our ingredients are also plant-derived (though we know natural doesn’t automatically equal safe).
  • Our packaging is designed for circularity. The packaging materials and suppliers we choose are deeply scrutinized for safety (for you and the people who make it), efficacy, and curbside recycling rates. For example, most types of plastic are “recyclable,” yet only 8.5% of that plastic actually gets recycled (read more). But our caps, made of aluminum and steel, are made of mostly recycled material, have a global recycling rate of up to 90%, and have practically limitless reusability. Our unit cartons are made of FSC-certified board and our labels are made of corn PLA (which is compostable & biodegradable). Both our cartons and labels are printed with soy-based ink and coated with a water-based lacquer (as opposed to traditional plastic film). Each component of Mella’s packaging is plastic-free. 
  • Our supply chains and codes of conduct support positive environmental and social impact. For example, our West African shea butter directly supports the economic advancement, health, and empowerment of the women who cultivate it and their families. And our kiwi enzyme powder comes from locally-sourced “ugly” kiwis in New Zealand that would otherwise be thrown out. This not only upcycles the kiwis but creates sustainable jobs. But, sustainability doesn’t end with our products. Our logistics center uses only sustainable power, eco-friendly lighting, electric forklifts, and electronic invoicing. 99.9% of the refuse that comes into the facility is recycled.

Third-party claims validation is seldom sought in the beauty industry, yet it’s so important. Mella products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and we’re proud to be a certified B-Corporation, a feat we achieved as a tiny team of two people.

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