Why Mella won't make you sleepy during the day

Why Mella won't make you sleepy during the day

We use our melatonin at just the right level to reap all of its benefits without causing daytime drowsiness. Here’s how it works: 

Melatonin is created in various places in your body naturally, but your skin is the only place in your body that has a complete system for making, receiving, and distributing melatonin throughout your body. 

Imagine a train depot. When you apply Mella in the morning, our melatonin is absorbed into the cargo trains in your skin and goes to work making antioxidant enzymes. Those enzymes make antioxidants so potent, they are WAY more powerful than vitamins C or E. Not only that, but it improves your skin’s barrier function and helps your skin better heal itself during your body’s nightly repair cycle. 

Then at night, when the sun goes down, your body naturally releases its cargo of melatonin - both that it created and that it received through Mella - which then helps you fall asleep faster, wake fewer times in the night, and wake feeling refreshed. 

That’s how Mella works day and night to give you glowing skin and dreamier sleep without causing daytime drowsiness!

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